• Scholarships for students of pharmacy schools.

  • Internship for the new graduates of pharmacy and chemistry.

  • Donations to universities (Rs. 2.5 millions per year).

  • Donations to hospitals in shape of patients beds and medicines (Rs. 1.0 millions per year).

  • Free diagnostic camps for poor patients at the major medical teaching institutions.

  • Patients education and life style modification films to enhance their quality of life.

  • Donation of Rs. 6 millions to rehabilitate earthquake victims.

Stunting in Pakistan

Himont has established itself among the medical community as a responsible and professional partner with quality products and services. We believe every day is a chance to be better. We demonstrate this in our commitment to maintain the highest Quality & safety standards in our industry.

We have a strong commitment to Corporate Responsibility. Our philosophy is straightforward: We want to serve our great country and give back to our community. We are at the forefront, extending our help to medical community through donations to hospitals, universities, diagnostic camps for the poor patients & scholarship for pharmacy students.

We now want to take up a major issue and help Pakistan to ‘Stop stunting among our children’

With nearly 44pc of children stunted in Pakistan, malnutrition is widespread among all ages, and progress to address social determinants over the last several decades had been very slow. According to the National Nutrition Survey 2011, one-third of all children are underweight, nearly 44pc are stunted, 15pc are wasted, half of them are anemic and almost one-third of these children have iron deficiency anemia.

As first step towards our goal, we have developed a Patient education & lifestyle modification film ‘Kahin Der Na Ho Jae’. This educational film will raise the awareness about this serious issue faced by our community.

Himont Stunting TVC