After 22 years Himont Group has established it’s self as a top tier Pharmaceutical and Herbal company and has accumulated a vast pool of experience and has now decided to diversify into the FMCG sector. We will use our Pharmaceutical and Herbal Businesses to be the backbone of the Group while foraying into the world of Consumer Goods. Himont has always been known to be the innovator in the field of Pharmaceutical. We are chiefly known for our introduction of the Herbal Market to Pakistan when the mere idea of it was laughed at. Today the Pakistan herbal market is joined by many other top leading Pharmaceutical companies, encouraging growth in this sector. Himont has always led the Pharmaceutical sector in the selection of upcoming herbal formulations. In the same way we wish to bring innovation and change to the FMCG sector and challenge the already established names.

Bringing new technology into the business will be the cornerstone of our FMCG business for it will be the new ideas that will bring us success. Drinks and confectionary items will be the focus of the new consumer division of Himont. The idea is to have a state of the art environmentally friendly plant with a skilled and motivated work force.  The soul of this project will be the people that will operate this facility. Therefore the team must have the correct tools and knowledge of what they are undertaking. We wish to apply our knowledge from the Pharmaceutical Industry and apply it to2quality confectionary items. We also wish to learn from European and American confectionary companies their SOP’s and GMP’s so that we truly have an international standards plant that is able to produce a variety of products that may be exported to various countries.

Our endeavour to improve our selves starts with the improvement of the total work force of Himont. All the Idea’s for the future will ultimately come from and will be carried out by these people. Therefore they should be well trained in their craft. Training of personnel is a top priority in Himont because it enables both the company and the employee to grow. Himont has always had a history of hiring trainers for its team, this will always remain an integral part of the company’s training process. We are our people, and our people are what make us great.