From the very first day of inception there has always been one goal in mind when it comes to the Products and services of Himont. To be the best possible manufacturer of medical products in the country, and to be known in the Pakistani home as a company associated with quality. We strive to make this a reality through the use of International General Manufacturing Practices and International Standard Operating Procedures.


The Himont manufacturing facility is the manufacturing standard according to the Drug Regulatory Authority Pakistan. This is the same ethos we want to instil in our consumer and food products. High Standards will ensure the exact same product and quality every time. Our quality starts in the mind of the employee who is educated with the correct knowledge of what defines quality in his/her actions with in the manufacturing facility. The know how to correctly execute the job at hand without compromising on the international guidelines for the correct processes. This requires an investment of time and education for our employees that we are only happy to provide. The traditions and culture of an organization are made from the people who work in it, our belief is that we are as good as the least motivated employee in the company.

To demand quality means that you are providing an environment that will motivate and encourage employees to work; and to be at their very best. We strive to ensure that this environment can be found in our offices and manufacturing facilities. We give an open invitation to our customers and our employees to come and check the facility’s standards and overall SOP’s.