human resource development

round table meeting

The round table meeting (RTM) is a tried and tested method of KOL engagement used throughout the world to achieve great success. Himont Group conducts RTMs on several products every month. RTM brings together a group of doctors with an interest in a particular topic or issue to discuss clearly defined objectives.
RTMs begin with a presentation of evidence, which is then debated. Th doctors usually debate by examining the evidence given and adding heir own experience and knowledge.
It is a great opportunity to present research, hear the opinions of the doctors. It also gives doctors an opportunity to educate others about how they would like to be interacted with and how their experience is ranslated in the industry. At the end of the day, it is about education, marketing, and helping sales forces learn about what doctors want to hear.
Purpose of these meetings is to bring together a number of high profile doctors and specialists, in a relaxed atmosphere that will allow us to brief them on our products, new and interesting researches and information that they may wish to incor. orate into their daily practice.

trade events

Himont believes that chemists are important stakeholders and theri support is required for the success of our company. To build strong liaison with chemists we organize trade events so that chemists can know about our products and also interact with our team.

in-house trainings

Himont believes that employee training is essential for company's success and employee's professional and personal growth as well. Training is concerned with increasing the knowledge and skills of employees for doing specific jobs where development.


  • To identify, encourage and nurture talent within Company.
  • Around 50 SPOs were inducted into the club due to their remarkable achievement i.e 95% and above YTD and more than two year's service with Himont


  • Inaugration of Emerging Leaders Club.
  • Meeting with the top leadership, Product Managers and BUH.
  • A session on the Himont's initiatives and trainings on personal Excellence, interviewing skills and Code of Conduct.
  • A scrumptious dinner hosted by the CEO Mr.Intesar A.Siddique at Haveli REstaurant in the heart of Lahore with a mesmerizing view of historical monuments such as Badshahi Mosque and Lahore fort.