Combining its strengths and expertise Himont group has been spanning the health spectrum with its pharmaceutical, herbal and consumer products.


Himont’s Pharmaceutical Division has a long- standing commitment to a personalized healthcare strategy together with world-class pharmaceutical quality standards to deliver consumer-driven innovative medicines and products across a number of key categories including allergy, cough & cold, pain, digestive and nutritionals. We view continuous innovation as the most promising way to introduce new medicines into the healthcare system which puts us in an excellent position to tap into the future possibilities of helping maintain the optimal state of health, quality of life and survival of patients. Our cohesive approach to manufacturing medicines of diversified diseases and therapeutic dosages for all age groups has helped us fulfill our promise of treating disease with the better use of available resources within the health and wellness system, which has become a necessity, given the rising healthcare costs.

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Herbal medicine has been used all throughout history to treat illness and ailments through native healing rituals with plants and herbs known to us today as Ayurvedic, Unani, and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Himont is the first Pharmaceutical Company in Pakistan to take an initiative towards herbal medication on such a large scale by applying high standard allopathic manufacturing practices in the making of herbal medicine. In the last 10 years Himont has made tremendous progress in its herbal division by focusing more on advanced research, an excellent herbal team and investments in the production facilities of its herbal manufacturing. The biggest strength of Himont Herbal Products lies in the fact that they are Pharmaceutical grade natural products.

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Inspired by international confectionary companies, their SOP’s and GMP’s we wish to challenge the already established names by bringing innovation and change into the FMCG. We aspire to establish a plant that is set on international standards, to produce a variety of products that may be exported to various countries in the world. By focusing on technology and innovation we make sure that our consumer products are based on healthy FMCG options. Top quality Drinks and confectionary items are set on highest standards possible and contain Vitamin A and Vitamin C for instant energy boost. The focus of the new consumer division at Himont is to stay true to our commitment to health and quality.

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