Research and Development

Himont has established a state-of-the-art R&D structure that encourages ingenuity and facilitates the accelerated development of innovative medicines to meet the consumer needs. With the use of Genetics and Advanced technologies, a highly qualified and dedicated team of our product development and research department, backed up by the professional analytical development laboratory, formulate quality products through a strenuous process of scientific evaluation and skill. The research products under go trial production and thorough testing before they are approved and launched into the market, as we aim to command a leading position in healthcare products and their development


From the very first day of inception there has always been one goal in mind, to be the best possible manufacturer of healthcare products in the country ensuring high quality standards and innovation. This is the same ethos we want to instil in our Herbal, consumer and food products as well. High Standards ensure the exact same product and quality every time and keeping that in mind the Himont manufacturing facility has been designed and is manufacturing its products according to the Drug Regulatory Authority Pakistan. Our quality starts in the mind of the employee who is trained with the precise knowledge of what defines quality in his/her actions with in the manufacturing facility. The correct know how to execute the job at hand without compromising on the international guidelines for the standard processes, requires an investment of time and education for our employees that we are enthusiastic to provide. We strive to make this a reality through the use of International General Manufacturing Practices and International Standard Operating Procedures.

Quality Assurance

The Quality of an organization is not just reflected in its products and procedures but in the state of mind of each employee and the systems which they follow, to achieve their work objectives. Quality is a continuous process which has to be upgraded, depending on the changing demands of the consumers, the environment and the social responsibilities and the direct result of high intentions, sincere efforts, intelligent direction and skillful execution. For this purpose Himont quality assurance unit tests each batch of raw material against the international standards and also checks the integrity of packaging materials. It is the ultimate responsibility of the quality assurance unit to ensure that each product falls well within the required standards that meet the expectations of physicians and patients to help maintain the optimal state of health and wellbeing.

SOP for Enlistment of Suppliers

  1. Himont selects suppliers with good reputation in market. Suppliers with experience of working with MNCs are preferred.
  2. Suppliers are scrutinized on number of parameters which include their organization structure, quality control systems, production flow, customer portfolio, certifications, production facilities, R&D etc.
  3. On successful evaluation, multiple raw material samples are obtained from different batches to make sure that quality does not vary.
  4. Materials are then imported for one batch and stability and overall goodness of material while manufacturing is observed. If requirements of quality are met then bulk orders are made.
  5. GMP certificate for suppliers providing pharmaceuticals raw materials is mandatory to qualify for standards. Suppliers having WHO, US FDA certifications are preferred.